About Us


DeFi Tribe is developing an immersive Game-Fi platform that combines decentralized finance with captivating gaming experiences.

We offer DeFi lending and borrowing operations on our platform for all users but users with DeFi Tribe Warrior NFTs in their wallets gain exclusive access to a captivating Game-Fi experience. They can send their warriors to missions, level up warriors, own virtual tribe within the game. Additionally, the DeFi Tribe Game-Fi platform introduces a unique "Use-2-Earn" points system. This system rewards all users, including both the general public and NFT holders, with points that can be utilized for Solana token, NFTs, limited seasonal traits, discount coupons, mint spots of quality projects, loot boxes and more which will be available in the platform‘s store.

To ensure the security of user assets, the platform incorporates advanced security measures like smart contracts and multisig wallets. This commitment to security ensures a safe experience for allparticipants.

Our Roadmap

  • Test-net/Dev-net launch of the DeFi Tribe platform: A test version of the platform will be launched for users to try out and provide feedback.

  • Main-net launch of the DeFi Tribe platform: The fully functional DeFi Tribe platform will be launched on the Solana blockchain, providing users with a range of services.

  • Launch of the DeFi Tribe gamified platform: The DeFi Tribe gamified platform will be the application where NFT holders will have access to the entire game interface to play missions, create tribes and level up warriors.

  • Partnerships and collaborations: DeFi Tribe will seek strategic partnerships and collaborations to expand its ecosystem, reach a broader audience, and enhance its offerings.

  • Expansion to additional blockchain networks: DeFi Tribe will expand its platform to support other blockchain networks, offering users more options and opportunities.

  • Integration with decentralized oracle services: DeFi Tribe will integrate with decentralized services to enhance the security and reliability of its platform’s data feeds.

MEET the team

XIHead of Marketing / Project Manager
Yann Human Resources / Project Manger
ExzorAdvisor / Partnerships
Oykum & MelihCarterCommunity Managers / Public Speakers